Frequently (Not) Asked Questions

Why not ? Don't you want to block some communuties you don't like or don't want to engage with ? "Social" does not mean you have to read what everyone else has to say.

Yes it should, but there is either a soft limit to not be IP banned by Twitter, or when you use the tool too much there's an API Limit that Twitter return to us. You have the possibility to continue where the script stopped when the limit is lifted, but it should go through them all

Twitter filter out already blocked accounts (when we query likes and retweets) and it only returns likes from accounts you haven't blocked, so it's normal ! (but for followers, it does return everyone, blocked or not)

Not possible from this tool, but you can see what accounts you have blocked here : and unblock them... by hand.

If this tool was designed for 1 person, yes, but it's a multi users one and we need to take into account the server capacity and capabilities of having thousand of scripts doing the same thing and not be seen as malicious from Twitter viewpoint.

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